High Dose Ozone IV

What is High Dose Ozone?

Major AutoHemotherapy is a form of therapy that has been successfully used millions of times around the world to treat all sorts of illnesses and conditions. In this procedure, somewhere between 40 and 150 mL of blood are removed, infused with ozone (activated oxygen), then reinserted into the patient's vein.

With High Dose Ozone, we take this idea much further and instead of remove 4-500 mL of blood, heavily ozonate it and then put it back in the vein. This is considered "1 pass." We can repeat this up to 3 more times (making a "4 pass"), which means that up to 2 Liters of your blood (roughly 40% of your entire blood volume) becomes heavily oxygenated and ozonated and put back into your system.

Why Use High Dose Ozone Therapy?

Why, you may ask, would you want to use High Dose Ozone? The answer is simple. Ozone kills infection - kills yeast, fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc - better than just about anything on the planet. Assuming the dose isn't too high, your body has excellent defense mechanisms to ozone so that it doesn't harm your cells. Also, with this therapy, you are placing highly oxygenated blood back into the system, allowing for the increased benefit this can provide.

Using the much higher doses of ozone and oxygen can make a big difference, and it is common that people get a much better response rate to receiving the High Dose Ozone therapy, particularly if they get the full 4-pass therapy. We have had people get better from acute infections as well as from chronic infections, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions with this amazing therapy.