Pain Relief

Chronic Pain - it hurts!

As of 2018, the CDC reports that 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Nearly half of these experience such intense pain that it negatively impacts their work and their daily life’s activities. Treatment for these patients at a “typical” doctor's office focuses first on ruling out autoimmune disease or infection, and then prescribes the patient with medications in order to stabilize nerves, cut down on inflammation, etc. Quite often, patients are given narcotics, which only block the brain from receiving the message that the body is in pain. While this can be a short-term solution in some cases, it can easily result in a dependency, and a painful situation that never truly heals.

How do we treat it?

Here at Vance Medical, we think there's a better way. We see our patients overcoming the pain, not just managing it through endless prescriptions. For those who have an unhealed injury, we have several therapies which can help repair the tissue - even after years of pain! Please continue to read on below to discover our very effective Pain Elimination Protocol (what we call PEP!).

And when an autoimmune disorder is playing a part in causing someone's pain, we have some different therapies that work amazingly well, all without ruining your immune system, kidneys, or liver. Please visit our page on Chronic Disease to learn more.