Pain Relief

Chronic Pain - it hurts!

Many people have pain. Pain in their back, pain in their shoulders, pain in their knees, their hips, their neck, their joints... Some people hurt everywhere! Treatment at a typical doctor's office focuses on ruling out autoimmune disease or infection, then giving medications to either stabilize nerves, cut down on inflammation, or even narcotic medicines to cut down on the pain. Here at Vance Medical, we think there's a better way...

Why do people have chronic pain?

In Dr Vance's experience, most often people have chronic pain for one of two reasons. Either they injured themselves and the injury never did heal properly, or their body is fighting against itself causing a lot of inflammation. Yes, there are other causes like cancer, but these are less common...

How do we treat it?

For the people who have an unhealed injury we have several therapies which can help the tissue actually heal - even after years of pain. For people with autoimmune disorders we have some different therapies that work amazingly well - all without ruining your immune system, kidneys or liver. Some people need both groups of therapies...

Neural Prolotherapy

With Neural Prolotherapy we put an all-natural medicine around the tiny nerves just under the skin, stopping pain instantly without narcotics or any numbing medicines.

​Neural Therapy

An incredible therapy from Germany using local anesthetic medicines to treat hundreds of different conditions by resetting the nerves.

Neural Reflex Therapy

An astounding method of stopping pain instantly with just a light touch - no massage, no bone popping, "no nothing"!


With Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), a very low dose of this "anti-drug" can often boost people's immune systems, fight chronic disease and infection, decrease pain and much more!