Neural Reflex Therapy

What is Neural Reflex Therapy

Neural Reflex Therapy is a term created by Dr Vance to describe a group of generally painless manual techniques to treat a wide variety of conditions. Generally these therapies invoke a nerve reflex to have an effect - often instant and profound.

History of Neural Reflex Therapy

While Dr Vance would love to take credit for coming up with the Neural Reflex Therapy protocols, the truth is that he didn't. They have been discovered over many years and perfected by others. Apart from the name, about the only thing Dr Vance can take credit for with regards to this therapy is recognizing its value, learning it and utilizing it regularly with patients.

How Does It Work?

Different Neural Reflex Therapy procedures work by different mechanisms. Some of them relax muscles instantly. Some of them work using acupuncture points and meridians. Some of them stimulate the parasympathetic (relaxing) nervous system, while others relax various nerve centers in the body. Some of them we honestly don't know how they work but generally they do.

While we don't find this treatment to be successful 100% of the time, it is surprising how often it can work remarkably quickly.

Conditions it is Effective For

Musculoskeletal pain (neck, back, shoulders, etc)
Plantar fasciitis
​Temporomandibular Joint disorder
Abdominal pain
Anxiety / panic
emotional heartache
and many more...

What is the Protocol?

This is a manual therapy, and generally very light touch is applied to a tender area (trigger point) and possibly another area to relieve it. Depending on which therapy is being done it may need to be held in place for 20-30 seconds.. Pain relief is usually instant for each area, and several areas may need to be done with each treatment session. Typically, if this is the only modality used, 2-3 visits per week are needed for a few weeks.