Written Testimonials


Dr Vance helped eliminate my gout attacks by starting me on IV vitamin therapy.  I started to have them monthly and now I don’t have any at all thanks to his help!

Ryan K.

Dr Vance and LaNita:
Thank you so very much for helping me yesterday.  My husband an I are so grateful for your wonderful career and generosity.
You provided me with far better care han I have ever received in such emergencies.

Deandra R.

It’s a privilege to speak to the efficiency and professionalism of Dr. Vance’s Medical Team.  Dr. Mark and LaNita Vance and their Staff have what it takes to get the job done.  And all the patient feels is “well-served”!

I consider it to have been the Grace of God to be able to state these facts today. That Grace (and perseverance on my part) led me—after an exhausting day of searching for qualified Doctors—to get up the courage to write Vance Medical an e-mail requesting help!

So, anyway to make a long story short, Dr. Vance is not only a professional, he also has an understanding—because of his medical background and knowledge of the human body—to be able to treat the patient’s conditions properly.

Dr. Vance and LaNita and their Team are a true boon to the Alternative Medicine field because of their sincere desire to see their patients respond to treatment—and because of their professionalism.

I have been blessed and fortunate.  I am glad I saw it through that day long, long ago in January 2017 and requested treatment.  I have more energy and stamina now and that is extremely important for all of us caretakers!



I am writing this to encourage others who are battling lyme disease.

I began treatment just over a year ago and am happy to say I am recovering as a result of ozone therapy and a series of 3 LDI treatments (basically dead Lyme bacteria) and much hopeful prayer.

Two years prior to my Lyme diagnosis I was bitten by a tick in upstate New York and treated with doxycycline preventatively.  At that time I experienced no side effects other than the “bullseye” at the bite site.

Then two years later I began feeling ill.  My symptoms included muscle aches and weakness, headaches, stiff neck, lethargy, light sensitivity, and anxiety with panic attacks.  Before this I would describe myself as extremely healthy and active.

I went to my doctor and was diagnosed and treated for depression!  When I mentioned the tick bite, the possibility of Lyme was dismissed as “not likely.”  As I continued to feel bad, I pushed for a Lyme test and the result was positive.  My doctor put me on a 2 week regimen of doxycycline.  I react badly – feeling worse than ever, and I was pretty much bedridden  Now I know I was experiencing the Herxheimer effect, but no warning or explanation was given to me at the time.  I was extremely discouraged and worried about my health.  The doctor switched the antibiotic to Zithromax, which had fewer side effects for me.

About this time a friend shared information about Dr. Vance who had experience and positive results treating Lyme patients. Feeling pretty desperate at this point, I made an appointment and began the alternative therapy.

I am extremely grateful for the knowledge, understanding, and genuinely patient and caring treatment I have received from Dr Vance and his wife.  I am thankful every day for the improvement in my health.  I’m now on the road to recovery.

Carolyn From Boise, Idaho.


Hello again, wanted to let you know I am doing pretty well since my last time with you!! and I REALLY believe those last “new” injections last one, going in at a slant on each side of spine!! was amazing and the 2nd one although my right leg never felt “ heavy” which I was supposed feel*, I have done very good since our last visit!!! “cramps “ are also doing much better!!!! … I WANT TO TRY , THESE NEW EXCITING THINGS YOUR LEARNING ABOUT!!!!!

I feel so very LUCKY to have found you!!! I told LaNita she had to “share” because I think your A ROCK STAR!!! so ahead of your time!!! we (all of your patients) are so very LUCKY!!! To have someone so dedicated to learning and understanding our MANY issues!!! especially ME!!!😊

…Just need you to know, THAT I KNEW WHAT VERY DIFFERENT ISSUES YOU HAD WITH ME, and you just kept at it!!! I love you & LaNita your Very Special!!! and I am so happy your in my universe 😊👍

Shari K